Get Paid to Interview

CardinalHire is a talent marketplace initiative founded in February 2017, with a mission to innovate the process of job-seeking by empowering top software engineering talent in their search for opportunities at the world’s top tech companies and startups.

Conventional interviewing consists of many rounds of interviews, especially at top tech companies. Employers want to be confident about their candidate choice and, for the most part, jobseekers are up for the challenge.

Yet, in the last couple of years, tech companies have adopted a new trend that makes jobseekers question whether their efforts are really worth it. In the San Francisco Bay Area, the practice of job-seeking now includes hours, if not days, of unpaid homework. Software engineering talent that are new to the job market or in-between jobs are categorically at a disadvantage.

Tech companies test candidates to verify qualifications and to measure excellence in specific aspects of any given position. While this may seem to be a reasonable expectation and a quite clever approach for employers, reports show that it is also a deterrent for jobseekers.

The San Francisco Bay Area metropolitan ranks amongst the top ten most expensive in the world to live in. The financial strain for jobseekers during periods of unemployment creates and intensifies any stress that life can bring. Time Magazine reports that “the overall process it takes to find a job is just over six weeks — 43 days, to be exact— but that varies considerably by industry. According to Jobvite's 2014 data, jobs are filled most quickly by hospitality and retail employers, at 36 and 40 days, respectively.

It is fair to assume that tech jobs present an even greater time investment, and the implementation of unpaid testing forms a barrier for software engineering talent to pursue such opportunities.

At CardinalHire, we believe that financial challenges exhibited by jobseekers while seeking a job can prohibit meaningful connections. It deters jobseekers form pursuing opportunities and limits employers from discovering their next best team member. CardinalHire offers a solution that serves to benefit both jobseekers and employers. We craft opportunities from the midst of an adverse trend.

CardinalHire will pay software engineering talent to interview and test at the world’s top tech companies and startups. We are offering prospective jobseekers up to $1000 each, to interview and test at their dream job. We believe in creating opportunities and forging meaningful connections, empowering both jobseekers and employers to achieve their very best.