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CardinalHire uses a combination of data from real recruiters and job seekers, as well as sophisticated machine learning and artificial intelligence to let you know who is active at the world's best tech companies before your competition knows.

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About CardinalHire

CardinalHire is where top tech talents meets top tech companies. The competitive nature of the tech industry comes with challenges that have proven to be difficult for both jobsekkers and employers. The new and booming era of tech poises for a new appraoch to recruitment and job placement. CardinalHire is here to answer that call.

The application period for jobseekers can be rather grim. Personal matters often make matters more complicated. CardinalHire takes on the pressure and designates each candidate a personal talent manager to facilitate career needs. We work hard to get jobseekeres in front of hiring managers, uncover hidden opportunities at top tech tech and startups, and negotiate on behalf of jobseekers. CardinalHire also pays jobseekers to interview. Yes, you read that right! Being in-between jobs or waiting to start a new career can be heavy on the pockets. Jobseekers interview at world's top tech companies and startups, and CardinalHire pays as you interview.

With a proprietary database of thousands of qualified candidates, sustained talent acquistion is made effortless for top tech companies. CardinalHire allows employers to leverage time and reduce cost in the search for leading candidates. CardinalHire gives employers access to a personalized interface with access to a stream of leading candidates, making it effortless for employers to fulfill staffing needs. The search for top tech talents ends with CardinalHire.

CardinalHire has placed over 300 software engineers, designers. product managers. and sales people at some of the Bay Area's top startups and largest companies.

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Recruiting for World's Top Tech Companies & Startups


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Just tell us what you need. CardinalHire will handle the heavy lifting.


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All of our partners noticed dramatic increase in hiring efficiency.


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Quality and quantity. It's the best of both worlds.


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Our intuitive design makes searching for candidates a painless endeavor.

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built by engineers with backgrounds from Linkedin, Google, Stanford, and UC Berkeley

Daniel Parillo
Director of Recruitment
Joshua Zapata
Senior Engineer
Hani Kharufeh
Marketing Director
Shawn Shi
Full Stack
Alvin Nguyen
Front End