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Passive Candidates

Passive candidates are those who make themselves available when the right opportunity presents itself.

Active Candidates

Active candidates are those who are actively seeking new opportunities.

Response Rate

When you reach out, know that we guarantee a higher response rate form our active talent.

A Great Company Starts with Great Talent

Here's why CardinalHire is perfect for your company

  1. CardinalHire offers both full-service and self-service solutions. Sign up to learn more.
  2. We have +20,000 top, full-time talent, all who are open to new opportunities.
  3. We have +100,000 passive candidates. CardinalHire also provides contract talent, searchable at no cost.

Powerful Features to make your job easy.

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We believe in empowering our recruiters to do their very best. We give you two paths to success and meet you at the crossroads. You decide.

Full Time Employment

Work with us, not for us. Full time recruiters at CardinalHire earn a handsome hourly rate plus commission.

Be your own boss

Prefer to work for yourself? No problem. External recruiters at CardinalHire retain 80% of every deal. You also get access to our platform.


Let us know who's open to new opportunities and we'll split the earnings with you down the middle.

The choice is yours.

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